Train the Teacher

Train the Teacher

Date Created06 Mar 2022
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Basics of Counselling and Career Counselling


  1. What is professional counselling?


Professional counselling is a formal relationship, between a counsellor and a counselee/client that is mostly spread across multiple sessions. The duration of counselling varies from one short session to a number of sessions, often jointly agreed upon, until the problem or issue is resolved, becomes better manageable or the funds have been exhausted. The beneficiaries of counselling include individuals, couples, groups or families. The goal of counselling is to support the client in making progress towards a chosen better state or goal related to his/her emotional wellbeing, mental health, wellness, education, or career. The overarching goal of counselling is to enable the client to overcome obstacles and challenges that adversely affect his/her wellbeing. It is always a collaborative effort involving both the counsellor and the counselee/client. The term performance counselling was popular in the last century at the workplace. It would be used in situations where a person who was finding it difficult to meet the performance expectations would be counselled to improve his/her performance. Through this process, the contributory factors that led to the employee’s poor performance would also be addressed. 

What to Expect From this Course

Teacher as a counselor

About the Instructor

Jey Shankar

Skilled in psychometric assessments, counselling techniques and career counselling. Effective Counsellor developing and implementing Career Development program and activities that engage children. Offering years of expertise working with youngsters in various situations and from different states. Developing the overall content and curriculum structure for MARG Career Counselling Certification Program. Working closely with the content team and subject matter experts to create the curriculum. Editing and reviewing course materials, including course handouts, presentations, and instructor support materials

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2 Videos
2 Chapters
1 MCQs
Total Hours To Read : 5 hours

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