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Course Description

Padlet is a free digital tool used mainly as an online bulletin board. Facilitates the online teaching-learning process. It provides an interactive and collaborative space where students, teachers, parents and guardians can share visuals (Images & videos), documents and links etc. This digital tool is user friendly and very easy to use. As a moderator, a teacher can decide whether the padlet wall will be private or public. Privacy can be maintained by setting a password. For a free version, it provides three free walls/bulletin boards. We can make three different walls for different classes and for different subjects. We can delete an old padlet wall and create a new one. It has seven different layouts to arrange the posts on the wall.

Educational Uses For teachers and students it is easy to communicate at any time they want. It helps the teacher to know the strengths and weaknesses of students. Students can learn in a better way when they engage and learn with their peers.

Padlet as a Collaborative Tool makes ?learning joyful. Students and teachers can share their ideas and information. Create a small online library/ resource hub. Teams of students can share their ideas with team members. It can be used as a suggestion box.

What to Expect From this Course

Teachers can organize the work of students.
They know their students well.
They can create a timeline.
They can provide feedback to the students.
They can hold a debate for students.
They can share books and other resources.
They can Share a Map.
They can take a poll.
They can assess their students
They can keep track of the needs of the students.

About the Instructor

Dr Kavita Batra

Assistant Professor with More than 15 Years of Experience in teaching, Proficient in educational psychology and educational technology

Course Details

4 Videos
4 Chapters
8 MCQs
Total Hours To Read : 1 hours

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