Career Cluster Theory

Career Cluster Theory

Date Created06 Mar 2022
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Course Description

In 2001, the U.S. Department of Education undertook the task of identifying 16 career clusters representing career opportunities for the 21st century. These 16 clusters are groups of occupations that relate to six career fields: Environmental and Agricultural Systems; Business, Marketing, and Management; Communication and Information Systems; Health Sciences; Human Services and Resources; and Industrial, Manufacturing, and Engineering Systems.

1) Biology and Allied Sciences (Agriculture and Natural Resources), 2) Media, Arts and Entertainment (Arts, A/V Technology & Communications), 3) Government and Public Administration (Government & Public Administration, Law & Public Safety), 4) Hospitality & Tourism, 5) Information Technology, 6) Engineering (Manufacturing), 7) Pure Sciences (Scientific Research/Engineering), 8) Designing (Architecture and Construction), 9) Business and Administration (Business, Management & Administration, Marketing, Sales & Service, Transportation, Distribution & Logistics), 10) Finance, 11) Health Science, 12) Human Services (Education & Training, Human Services)

What to Expect From this Course

This course will give a detailed understanding of the various career cluster theories mentioned below, each of the theories are very well structured and will be given an in-depth understanding of the same. Here you are welcome to use the resources and go through the session step by step.

About the Instructor

Mr.Sameed Ahmed

Mr.Sameed Ahmed is a certified career counsellor and a Life Coach, Who served as a Teach for India Fellow (2019-2021) at various Schools. Working as a fellow he took several initiatives to transform the lives of children at the grassroot level. Mr. Ahmed is also a graduate of IC3 (International college and Career Counselling) Flagship Program and has been certified by Various Organisations Including ERA Foundation. Under project Disha, he guided 150+ students from different schools and has been supporting them to take best-fit career decisions. He likes to teach and Help students and also conduct various webinars on various topics for the benefit of the students.

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12 Videos
12 Chapters
2 MCQs
Total Hours To Read : 5 hours

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