Introduction of Assessment Tools

Introduction of Assessment Tools

Date Created01 Jun 2022
CategoryICT Tools for Collaborative Learning

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Course Description

Assessment Tools

Our schools serve as social laboratories for education. It is a workshop for helping the students in their learning. For this teacher has to check the readiness and potential of the learner for learning and grasping a thing before setting it as a target for his learning. The whole education

system is constructed in order to achieve certain objectives. So assessment and evaluation is an integral part of the education system. There are a number of ways for practicing assessment. The total journey of learning needs to be carefully assessed to take the needed value judgment about its appropriateness and worthiness. In this course we will learn about the meaning and importance of assessment tools as well as of various assessment tools such as observation, interview, questionnaire, checklist, rating scale and cumulative record card.

What to Expect From this Course

This Course helps us to know the following factors :-
1.Fulfil the task purpose
2.Referencing of assessment
3.Appropriate Construction
4.Explicit, accessible and transparent
5.Inclusive and Equitable assessment
6.Integral part of Program design
8.Collaborative Efforts
9.Continuous Improvement

About the Instructor

Dr Kavita Batra

Assistant Professor with More than 15 Years of Experience in teaching, Proficient in educational psychology and educational technology

Course Details

2 Videos
3 Chapters
4 MCQs
Total Hours To Read : 1 hours

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