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What is the difference between CBSE, CISCE, Cambridge, and IB curricula?

So, have you heard about the different educational boards in India? Is each one being recommended to you for its unique qualities or with the promise of higher grades? Not knowing the exact n

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How to know when you need career guidance?

Does my child need career guidance? Do | need career guidance? It can be confusing to understand when to approach a career counsellor or a career guidance centre. It is not that you lack know

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How to Write a CV/Resume as a Teenager

Starting to look for jobs or apply for internships can be an exciting yet challenging step. What can empower you and put you among the top list of candidates is a strong resume or curriculum

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How to deal with a difficult parent

Difficult Parents In The Classroom

Difficult parents always mean well–and don’t always start out ‘difficult.’ But you never know what they’re going through perso

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